We are a closed breeding aviary of Zebra Finches, American Parakeets, English Budgies, Rosy Bourkes, Cockatiels,
Lovebirds (Peach Faced), Pacific Parrotlets, Sun Conures, and Quakers (Green) located in Frederick, Maryland.

We take great pride in raising healthy, happy and well socialized babies by hand feeding them with great care and
raising them in our home around people and an ever growing zoo of animals.  We also pride ourselves in being as
honest as possible about any of your questions and/or concerns.  Although we would love to sell you one of our birds,
we would much rather not if the fit is not right.  So whatever concerns you may have, please address them and we will try
to assist you as best we can.

Please visit our Species page to learn more about the bird of your choice, and The Nursery page to learn the availability
and cost of both adults and babies. We try to update the website every Sunday evening so please check back often. If
you are looking for a particular bird that is not listed, contact us as we might be able to obtain one for you.

Due to the stress caused by shipping on both our babies and the purchasers on the other end, we do NOT ship any of
our birds.  At this point in time, we are not considering this option, however, we might be willing to meet halfway if you are
willing to cover the costs of transportation.
Three of our pet birds:
Rudy (Double Yellow Headed Amazon)
and Frankie (Orange Wing Amazon)
For terms and conditions of bird purchases, please see our
Terms & Conditions page. You can contact us via phone or email
if you have any questions about our prices or if you want to know
more about any of our birds.
Located in
Frederick, Maryland
Proud Member of
AFA Certified
Aviculturist, Level 1