To Mrs. Christine
From Bridget
Adopted by The Brooks
Thank You
for Zippy
Lauren, Mac, Matt, Luck, Austin R., Brad, Chris,
Brittney, Bronwen, Katie, Zimmy, Jack, Austin F.,
Branden, Tyra, Jacob, Mrs. Hartso, Mrs. B.
Willie is spoiled rotten.  I couldn't have asked for a better companion. Last night he slept on
Mike's chest while we watched a movie.  He didn't just shut his eyes, he tucked his head
under his wing and zzzzzzed out!  Mike's never seen anything like him.  What a trip!

The Kelly's

Mrs.Christine I just wanted to write and let you know Honeybee is wonderful and we would like to
thank you so very much we love her so much and she loves us to. She love kisses and all of our
attention, we can't get enough of her and she can't get enough of her mommy.
THANKS soooooo.... much again you are awsome!

Next Email...

I am just writing you to let you know that Saphire is just so wonderful.  She is a little nippy but
she's getting out of that and she loves Honeybee just as much as the rest of us. She was bought for
my husband but became more attached and lovable to my son instead.  She is so cute.  A+ once
again.  You're the best.  We can't thank you enough.

The Winneberger's and most importantly, Honeybee & Saphire
I FINALLY got some pictures on my computer.

Midori is spoiled rotten. She loves her veggies and the endless amount of
attention everyone gives her. We've noticed she loves sitting at the window
talking to the birds outside and I believe she is jealous of the TV...she'll
sit in front of it, chirp and dance until we pay her attention. She knows
"down" and she's getting pretty good at "stay," although I know she'd
rather just ride on my shoulder where ever I go. She's a wonderful, playful
and energetic bird and has made our home more lively in the process. You
raised her so well! I already have friends interested in parrotlets (and their
HUGE, loveable personalities) and I have passed good word of you and
your work to them. Thank you for all that you have done! I will be in
touch and will certainly update you on her future achievements as the
newest (and cutest) member of my family.

- Carlena
Let's see.... Cooper is just Cooper.  Talks and talks and talks, sings every word to
row row row your boat, sings jingle bells, you are my sunshine.  We can't even
count the words he says anymore.  I swear he's a genius!  It probably has more to
do with the fact that I'm constantly talking or singing to them, but I prefer to
think he's a genius.  LOL!!!  .  

He's still my baby.  Just love that birdie boy to pieces! He's eating like a champ
now.  He makes all kinds of noises for me.  My hubby says he's mostly quiet
during the day while I'm at work, but the minute I get home, he starts chattering.  
He sounds like a crow!  We make sure that when get used to all different people.  
Of course, when someone comes in, the first thing they do is open his cage.  He's
more than happy to oblige them and "step up".  My hubby even took him out
today while I was at work - I didn't know what to say when he told me that.  Even
he loves him - how cool is that?

He loves to run along the back of the couch.  And my favorite thing he does is
wherever he is, if I put my hand down (pinkie finger side down) and curl my
fingers a little bit, he comes running as fast as he can to put his head into my
hand so he can get his head rubbed.  It's pretty funny.  He will stop whatever he's
doing to come running.  Tonight we had a pretty bad storm and lost our power.  
He took a nap under my chin all curled up in my hands.  God, he's so sweet!!!!!  
Do I sound like a proud mommy???

I'll keep you updated, I promise!  Thanks again - he's just the best!  We're all in
love with him.

The Howe's
Thank you so much for sending us Abby's baby pictures!

She is quickly developing her Quaker personality (lol).  She is definitely a little
green chicken (scared of anything new) and a snuggler (she snuggles under my chin
and falls asleep each evening while we watch TV).  She's already a closet laugher
and is using her different chirps to let us know what she likes and doesn't like.  

We can't thank you enough for being the wonderful person that you are and raising
our little Abigail to be such a cool bird. We'll bring her to visit you the next time
we're in Frederick.  Hope you and all of the birds at the aviary are doing well.

The Wilson Family
Hello Christine

Thank you so much for being the best breeder ever. I thought that getting another bird
that was hand raised was going to be a lost cause especially an Amazon. I am so glad
that I found you. I feel now that I have someone that I can turn to if I need advice or
just a little encouragement. I see you with him and it makes me happy knowing that he
was not stuck in some cage only being handled to be hand feed. He has a GREAT start
in life and will continue to have one.  I could never pay you back for the wonderful job
that you have done with Beaker.

Thanks so much,
Adopted by Mattie & Shane
Honeybee & Saphire
What was my
drinking when
she named me?
Adopted by The Howe's
Adopted by The Wilson's

Just wanted to drop you a line to say that Midori is doing great! She is such a wonderful addition to our family. Last fall, I went a
traveler, but she's gotten much better :)  While I was away, apparently my brother goofed up and walked outside with her on his
shoulder (she's out of her cage more often than not) and forgot she was there. Well, guess who can fly?! She perched herself up in
one of our cherry trees. I bet it was a sight to see my father get out the ladder and climb the tree to get her back! I guess she knew
she has learned to say "kiss kiss." Also, I don't know where she picked this sound from, but she must think she's an african grey
because that girl can scream all kinds of exotic noises I didn't think were possible from such a little bird! We just say she thinks
she's tough...she's not (but don't tell her that).

I don't know if you remember, but when I came to see your baby parrotlets, I decided I wanted the who had the "biggest attititude"
with me. She has SUCH a big personality, so I'm glad I made the right  choice. Midori likes to challenge me at times but I'm sure
she knows I'm the supplier of all things delicious. It's gotten ridiculous to the point where my parents actually let her eat at the
dinner table with them (a perch off to the side where she'll get some of what they're having).

She loves to cuddle and fall asleep with me. She actually like to "fetch" but I'm not sure if it's because she wants to play with me
or she just likes going after things I throw. Hahaha. She has grown into such a good companion, and better yet--a friend.
Hi there.  I don't even know where to begin to update you on Marnie.  He is
just the sweetest, cuddliest, cutest, gentlest little guy.  I don't think there is a
mean bone in his body!  What a personality has emerged since he arrived!  He
now comes right out of his cage - you were right - I just let him come out by
himself and eventually he started to fly to me on the couch, and now he steps
right into your hand to come out.  It's awesome!  He's a momma's boy too
though - if anyone else talks to him he runs to the back of his cage and hides
behind his mirror that swivels.  I think he thinks it makes him invisible.  He
absolutely hangs on my every word though.  Oh, and you're right - he doesn't
want to go back into his cage when the time comes.  If I wasn't afraid he'd get
on Cooper's cage, I'd just let him hang out on his own, but he has jumped onto
Cooper's a few times, and Cooper has already made a move to bite his foot.  
Fortunately, Cooper knows what "no no" means, and he stopped right away.  
Anyway, I'm not willing to tempt fate in that way.  So Marnie only gets to come out when I'm around.  The other night, he
found that he could run up my t-shirt sleeve and come out the neck.  He must have done that 25 or 30 times in a row.  He was
having a great time, and it was just the cutest thing!  Can you tell I'm in love again??  Oh, and we're starting to see a little
peach coloring come out above his one eye.  He's just too cute!

I'm so glad I found you - you and all your birds are the best!
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Closed Breeding Aviary
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