Due to the website being updated every Sunday evening, The Feathered Coop normally does not maintain
a waiting list, therefore, putting a baby on hold is done so on a first come, first serve basis.  

Most babies make their appearance on the website when they are
two to three weeks old, and if available, it will indicate so under their
baby number on their picture page
(see example to the right >>>).
There are other status indicators that could be present and below are
the meanings of each:

AVAILABLE means no tentative hold or confirmation/deposit has been received on this baby.
ON HOLD means a confirmation/deposit has been received to hold this baby.
HOLD PENDING means a tentative hold has been placed on this baby awaiting the receipt of a deposit
and/or a confirmation in regards to a waiting list that may be pending, or the determination of sex, whether
visually or by DNA sexing.
If a baby is showing as available and you are interested in that baby, email Christine Bradley-Logan
at cbradley@thefeatheredcoop.com stating that you are interested in placing Baby 08-XXX on hold, along
with all your contact information.  An email confirming your interest will be sent back along with details on
how to send a deposit, if one is required.  To be on the safe side, we prefer not to place any baby on hold
until it has made its appearance on the website.

If there is a waiting list on the type of baby you are looking for, email Christine Bradley-Logan
at cbradley@thefeatheredcoop.com stating that you are interested in being placed on the waiting list, along
with all your contact information.  An email confirming your interest to be placed on the website will be sent

Once a baby is available, we will reach out to you again letting you know that we have tentatively placed
Baby 18-XXXX on hold for you.  You will have 48-72 hours to respond to our email with your interest.  If
you have found a baby elsewhere, the timing just isn't right, you don't like the color, whatever it might be,
we will understand and just ask that you communicate with us.  If we do not hear from you within the time
frame indicated in the email, we will assume you are no longer interested and will remove you from the
waiting list,releasing the baby to next family on the list.  If you respond that you are interested in the baby,
we will confirm your interest via email.
At this point, the website will be updated the following Sunday to show that the baby you are interested
in is “On Hold”.  There is nothing but time between you and your baby so this is a good time to get a cage,
toys, food, etc together for your new addition.  Here are some websites we recommend for these items:

Bird Cages 4 Less:    http://www.birdcages4less.com/
Windy City Parrot:       https://www.windycityparrot.com/cage-c-232/
That Pet Place:            http://www.thatpetplace.com/pet/cat/info/22319/category.web

TOYS (Atleast 3 toys plus a swing should be in the cage)
Windy City Parrot:        
Petco:                            https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/category/bird/toys-for-birds
That Pet Place:             http://www.thatpetplace.com/pet/cat/info/22385/category.web

Travel Cage:  There is no need to bring a carrier for your baby, unless you want to, as boxes will be provided
to ensure that your little one has a safe ride home.
Play Stand         
Sand Perch     
First Aid Kit     

FOOD - A bag of the food (pellet/seed mix) that your baby has been eating will be provided. The food they
have been eating is:  50/50 mix of Roudybush Daily Maintenance Crumble Size AND ABBA
Parakeet/Lovebird Seed (You will have to purchase these two items separately and mix them together

We highly recommend having spray millet available for your baby as s/he will be nervous and may not eat
as s/he should for a couple of days.  I have yet to find a bird that won't eat spray millet so if s/he will atleast
eat that, s/he will be okay until s/he gets adjusted.

All these items can be ordered from Beaver Creek Aviary aka For Your Bird at

It is highly recommend having some spray millet available for your new little one as they will be nervous
and may not eat as they should for a couple of days.  We have yet to find a bird that won't eat the spray
millet so if they atleast eat that, they will be okay until they get adjusted.

Due to busy veterinarian practices, it would be recommended to schedule an appointment with your avian
vet as soon as you are notified that your baby is ready.  A list of avian veterinarians will be provided to you
when you pick up your baby but if you wanted to locate one ahead of time, please visit:  

We highly recommend you read Things You Should Know About Living With A Parrot located at
http://www.thefeatheredcoop.com/LivingWithAParrot.doc.  This document is a wealth of information
pertaining to pet birds.


Decisions on when a baby is ready to go home or not are done on the weekends and once your baby is
ready, the status on the website will change from “On Hold” to “On Hold & Ready To Go Home” and you
will receive an email the following Monday to set up an appointment for the following weekend.  We will not
let your baby go before that weekend, as we like to have that week to make sure all is well and that your
baby will be okay when it leaves us.  With that said, if we feel that something may be hindering the well
being of your baby, we reserve the right to postpone the date that your little one can go home and will
notify you as soon as possible.

Due to full time employment away from the aviary, appointments are generally on the weekends only.  
We normally take appointments every hour starting at 10AM until whenever on Saturday and Sunday
unless otherwise indicated in the email sent to you to set up an appointment.

The below are the forms of payment that we accept:
• Cash
• Visa / Mastercard / Discover / American Express
• PayPal using cbradley@thefeatheredcoop.com
• Venmo using cbradley@thefeatheredcoop.com
• Zelle using cbradley@thefeatheredcoop.com
• We do
not accept checks (personal, business, or otherwise).  

MD sales tax is included in the price of the bird so if the website says your bird will cost $75, then that is all
you will need pay.

Your baby will have its wings clipped before it leaves The Feathered Coop unless you have requested
otherwise.  This is something that needs to be done every 6 months and is offered free of charge by The
Feathered Coop as long as you bring the bird back to us.  Please note that although the birds wings may
be clipped, they will still be able to fly a little, typically across and down.  When your bird is able to fly
across and up, it is time for a clipping.  A diagram on clipping the wings and nails will be provided when
you pick up your baby.

If you request not to have the wings clipped, we reserve the right to clip them if we feel that your baby's life
may be in jeopardy when and/or if your baby were to take flight.  Your baby's wings will grow back at their
first molt, normally at six months of age, so if you desire to have a full flighted bird, you will be able to at
that time.

If you should have any questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to email or call us.
Closed Breeding Aviary
Located in Frederick, MD
Visits Are Welcome By Appointment Only
Closed Breeding Aviary
Located in Frederick, MD
Visits Are Welcome By Appointment Only
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