Christine,I would just like to thank you for allowing these three characters to join our
family.  They are each so unique, and their own personalities have just blossomed
under your care.  You obviously have a special way with them that I can only hope to
understand someday.

Dilbert has been just awesome from day one.  He has a habit of yelling at me if I take
too long getting to him.  Even though just a baby, he is capable of sitting with me
quietly for hours and just watching what I do.  He is a piggy with the carrots and is a
“closet talker”.  He won’t talk to me, but talks away when he eats…very, very quietly.

Skittles is an absolute joy.  I enjoy Dilbert so much, that I couldn’t pass up a Sun
Conure baby of yours.  She has been SO affectionate, and doesn’t even know how to
bite hard.  She’s a smart little one, too.  The small cage we have at our trailer cannot
keep her confined.  She’s figured out how to lift the doors to come be with her people.  
She loves riding in the car.  She looks out the window and settles down so well when in
the sun.  So far she loves everybody she meets.

Sydney captured my heart from the moment I saw her.  She has the prettiest eyes I have
ever seen, with the sweetest expression.  She is the most vocal and the most active of
them all.  She is beautiful inside and out, but can’t seem to get enough spray millet!  
She nibbles my neck constantly and shows no fear of the dogs.  Actually none of them
do.  In fact, the dogs may just be a bit intimidated by them!   Those sharp beaks are
tough on doggie noses…

Thank you for caring so much for these birds.  You really take the time and care for
them so that they may become a valued family member.

The Corbett's
Adopted by The Corbett's & Therres'
Adopted by The Corbett's
You and you partner have the stuff it takes to make a good business.  I have already given out one of your cards.

We couldn't be more pleased with Honey (the darker one) and Sugar.  They are lovely.  Both are starting to get vocal and they
seem to like getting out of their cage.  We are in love.  Thank you Christine for making that possible.  You are a blessing.  

Until next time, your fan...

The Curry's
Hello Christine,

I wish to express my thanks for all the wonderful lovebirds (blue/ green masked,
pastel) purchased from you.

Of course all birds have their personalities but the recent one is exceptionally
docile and still like to sit on my palm like what it did on yours.

I have bestowed on the colbalt blue pastel lovebird the name "Lilac" and its color
is just mesmerizing.  It stepped up for me readily inside its cage and I do not have
to worry about its eating habit as you have already let it get used to the pelleted

Many thanks again and I am tempted to get another one of your pastels when they
hatched and of course, I am looking forward to your nice and colourful Bourke
parakeet in the near future.

I will talk to you soon and I enjoy doing business with The Feather Coop  (of
course, Mama Christine).


Kenny F.  (Gaithersburg, MD)
Adopted by Kenny F.
This is Kiwi's 1st trip to the beach! He is very spoiled. When Leah gets out of his sight he
yells..(sings) for her. I imagine someday he will call her name instead. Around 7 everynight
he goes crazy for her to hold him.  He tries to get out of his cage and even lifts the and
scratches his head. When he falls asleep she wraps him in a handkerchief and puts him
Kiwi wasn't suppose to go to our beach place with us but we convinced my husband he was
still too much of a baby for someone else to watch off Leah went to get a smaller
cage for I think he'll go all the time.

Lori H. & Leah H.
Leah thought that
Kiwi needed a itsy
bitsy yellow
pocka-dot bikini -

Hey there!  Sorry, it's been awhile since I wrote anything about Franklin.
He's doing great!  He's been a wonderful addition to our home.  He's
eating everything, mainly the pellets that you had him on, but also
broccoli, spinage, oranges (it took him awhile, but he likes them now),
and any kind of pasta or grain that he can rip apart in the process.  Oh,
and he's talking!  I couldn't believe it!  He says "Frankie, Come Here!"
and "Good Birdie".  I can tell he's working on some other stuff, but it's
not quite clear yet what he's trying to spit out.  I might have to start
calling him with a "Please Come Here!" instead because he calls us to
his cage like we would call him, and it doesn't make much sense.  We
took him home to MN with us over Christmas and everyone just loved
him (see picture of little boy below).  He was quite the performer.  I got
a clicker training book and some info on how to potty train them, but I
haven't had the time on a consistent basis to train him (mostly because I
just want to play with him when I do have time with him).  Anyway, we'll
put him in the shower with us about every other day.  He loves shower
time.  At first he didn't like getting wet (I would use the spray bottle as
punishment), but now he wants to get into the warm water all the
time...maybe because he's molting still.  Oh, and I clipped his wings for
the first time a couple weeks ago.  He handled it pretty well.

Okay, hope you had a good Christmas/New Years!  Maybe if we ever
move to a bigger place, I can get another bird...who knows.  If I do, I'm
coming to you!

The Burnad's
and his siblings
Adopted by The Burnard's
It was really nice to meet you Sunday. Wanted to let you know that
cage and started preening Piper. The two of them have been having a great
time playing together and I've seen them sleeping cuddled together, SO

Sprite is a wonderful little bird and I'll be recommending The Feathered Coop to
everyone! Thank you for everything.

Adopted by Stacey
Dear Christine,

I would like to express my thanks to you for Bernard who is a wonderful Parrotlet.You
did a great job hand training him. Bernard is a very vocal and energetic Parrotlet. He
loves riding around on my shoulder or head when I get home from school. He also like
doing my homework with me. He takes my pen or pencil and when I get a new one he
takes that too. Hes very funny. He also enjoys looking out the window at the other birds
Thank you again for all your hard work to make Bernard as wonderful as he is.

Tyler D.
Adopted by Tyler D.
Adopted by The Corbett's
Adopted by The Curry's
Adopted by The Curry's

Adopted by Kenny F.
Adopted by Leah H.
Adopted by
the Curry's
Hi Christine,

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that our new additions to the the family are doing
very well.   The yellow babies name is Sunny.  The green babies name is Tweet-Tweet.  Sunny seems
to be very attached to Tweet-Tweet she follows him everywhere both in and out of the cage.  Sunny is
a little shy at trying new foods or even taken anything from hands unless she sees Tweet-tweet eating
it.  Tweet-tweet on the other hand is willing to try new foods he has had Banana and bird greens.  
Thanks again they are real sweet hearts.  The girls adore them both very much.

The Hicks
Sunny &
Adopted by The Hicks
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Closed Breeding Aviary
Located in Frederick, MD
Visits Are Welcome By Appointment Only
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