Hi Christine,

I wanted to email you and tell you that Chloe is doing great, and also send you these
pics.  I just took them today.  She is such a sweetheart.  She is getting spoiled fast.  
She would sit on our shoulder most of the day if we let her.  She loves to come out of
her she loves it.  She makes these cute "chirpy" sounds sometimes but she hasn't

You did a fantastic job raising her and getting her used to people and animals.  Two
of our dogs are quite curious about her and want to sniff her and even try to lick
her.  It doesn't even phase her when they get too close.  We obviously keep a close
watch on her and keep her safe.
Adopted by The Young's

T. Young
Hey there!  Sorry, it's been awhile since I wrote anything about Franklin.  I
included some pictures below this time since all you have is his baby pictures.  
He's doing great!  He's been a wonderful addition to our home.  He's eating
everything, mainly the pellets that you had him on, but also broccoli, spinage,
oranges (it took him awhile, but he likes them now), and any kind of pasta or
grain that he can rip apart in the process.  Oh, and he's talking!  I couldn't
believe it!  He says "Frankie, Come Here!" and "Good Birdie".  I can tell he's
working on some other stuff, but it's not quite clear yet what he's trying to spit
out.  I might have to start calling him with a "Please Come Here!" instead
because he calls us to his cage like we would call him, and it doesn't make much
sense.  We took him home to MN with us over Christmas and everyone just loved
him (see picture of little boy below).  He was quite the performer.  I got a clicker
training book and some info on how to potty train them, but I haven't had the
time on a consistent basis to train him (mostly because I just want to play with
him when I do have time with him).  Anyway, we'll put him in the shower with us
about every other day.  He loves shower time.  At first he didn't like getting wet
(I would use the spray bottle as punishment), but now he wants to get into the
warm water all the time...maybe because he's molting still.  Oh, and I clipped his
wings for the first time a couple weeks ago.  He handled it pretty well.

Okay, hope you had a good Christmas/New Years!  Maybe if we ever move to a
bigger place, I can get another bird...who knows.  If I do, I'm coming to you!

A. Burnard
If you’re looking to buy a baby bird or a bird in general from The Feathered Coop, look
no further because you’ve landed in the right place. Christine, your home is like Noah’s
Arc, it’s warm and welcoming and it’s really cool.  You have a lot of birds and parrots,
even more then any pet shop I’ve been to.  How you make the time to care for all of
them and their babies after they hatch is beyond me.  However, you are like superwoman
and have it made.  

Also, you pretty much always have an answer to a question.  You’re the type of breeder
that truly does it for the pure enjoyment, rather then most that just care about the money.
Pico is a fantastic bird.  He loves climbing to the top of his cage from the outside.
He seems pretty comfortable around us now, and he chirps when we're in the room -
he didn't always do that. He likes being in my room because of my computer and the
funny noises it makes. The whole way through, I was very confident with you as a
breeder, and you made the transition from bird lover to bird owner so very easy.
Thank you for everything!

Heather & Thadd
Adopted by Heather & Thadd
CHILE "RAY LENO"  (Parrotlet), SOPHIE (Lovebird) & Parakeet adopted by Heather & Thadd
Soooo happy!  We had originally named our wonderful lovebird Sage but
when I was holding her and she was cuddling and kissing and I just started
calling her my little Cuddlebug so the name has stuck.

I will keep in touch.  I'm really glad I found you!

Thanks Again,
Lisa M.
Thanks so much for sending Emma's baby pictures!  I knew from the moment I saw your website that I wanted to work with you --
you do things so nicely!  Not the least of which was raising Emma.  She is amazing!  We absolutely adore her.  She adds life to an
already lively household, and is such a welcome addition.
Her new favorite thing is eyeglasses.  She flies at Scotty's face and lands on his glasses over the
bridge of his nose.  It's really funny to see her fly right at his face!  She also loves hair - probably
night's sleep.  He was trying to do research on his computer the other day.  She sat on his hand
while he worked the mouse, and then she sat on the scroll wheel and turned it back and forth,
causing his text to jump around.  It took him longer than usual to get the homework finished....  
She talks to us and chirps lightly -- it's a delight.  Her cage is downstairs in Mikey's bedroom, so
when we have her upstairs on the kitchen level and need to put her down for a minute, we put her
on top of the parakeet's cage.  She rearranges the parakeet's toys for him from the roof by moving
the clasps that his toys hang from.  He doesn't know quite what to make of it, but she is
Adopted by
The Barrett's
We also tell people how cute you are -- we are all so happy to have met you.

Take care, and thanks for Emma!

The Barrett Clan
well to however the bird responds.  The good thing is.... if JB has "too much love" for
this little bird to handle, we know just where to come to buy another one!  JB's love may
be quite enough to share between two birds!  ...I know our two dogs can testify to that!!

We'll look forward to the test results and to seeing you again soon!  

The Battinelli's
You have done so much for us, Christine!  
You've gone above and beyond every
expectation.  Thanks for being a great breeder
and also do the little things you do (such as
having an awesome website)!

Heather & Thadd
Adopted by The Burnard's
If you do what you really enjoyed in life then you wont look at work as just being “work” an in the end there wouldn’t be a
dull moment in time.  The best way to tell if someone doesn’t really enjoy what he or she does is if they look forward to the last
hour of their workday.  I hope you do the same and that your work only gets better and in the end more enjoyable for you.

Thanks Christine for all your help.  I give The Feathered Coop two big wings up and an A+++ in customer service.

Adopted by
Lisa M. and Aubrey M
Adopted by
Thank you for your kind note yesterday, and for your sincere "vote of confidence" in JB.  How sweet you are!!   I knew that after
talking to you on the phone the first time, and then it was confirmed on meeting you in person.  You have a genuine love in your
heart that shines bright in your beautiful smile!  And you have a special way of spreading that love by bringing joy to others
through your animals!   Thank you!
Hello.  How are things going at The Feathered Coop?

I wanted to write and tell you about 2 very cute little birds. The first one is my little grand-bird, I thought, little Tiek.  I think he
has now become my little brother.  We spent Easter Sunday at my mothers, and I heard Tiek calling and mom said come with me
and I will show you what he does every evening.  She went to the cage and asked him what he wanted and she opened the door,
well that was all it took...he was all over her, kissing her lip and talking to her. Then she sat him on the floor and said come on
and that little thing climbed all the way up her just to kiss her some more. I was my mother's only child until now. He is so cute.

Canaries, but none of them come to people except this one. She gets out of the cage BY HERSELF every time Krista or Ken are
upstairs and she sits on them and nibbles their hair or cheeks. She told me to come upstairs with her to see what she does I said
The next little one is the little white finch that Krista got from you.  Krista probably has 75 birds in her room, Finches & she
probably won't come out because she does not know me - NOT TRUE!  We watched her get out and she was all over me. I think
she is Krista's favorite little bird now, and how sweet and tiny she is. Anyway, all I can say is Christine did it!

Now I want a finch or two - they are so little and cute. By the way Krista calls hers Baby,and that little bird has a heart as big
as her whole body. GREAT JOB ONCE AGAIN. Thumbs up to mama Christine.
Buttercup has found a new home...  Her new patents Bill & Jeannine are loving the
new addition to the family.  Buttercup is a little camera shy.  Her favorite past time is
resting in her coconut swing.  She love to listen to Mystic Rain CD and talk to the
birds on the CD.

Jeannine & Bill
Adopted by Jeannine & Bill
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Closed Breeding Aviary
Located in Frederick, MD
Visits Are Welcome By Appointment Only
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