COLOR and/or SEX
Closed Breeding Aviary
Located in Frederick, MD
Visits Are Welcome By Appointment Only

Baby parakeets can take up to 6 months of age to mature enough to know their sex and most wean and are ready to go
to their new homes between 6 and 8 weeks of age.  If you desire a certain sex, the only way to know is to have a DNA test
done.  The test can be done at an extra fee of $25 which is non-refundable and non-transferable, which means there will
be a fee of $25 for each individual bird tested.  If you desire to know the sex because you read that male parakeets have
a better chance of talking/singing, we must warn you that this is not always true.  Each bird has its own personality and we
have just as many females as we do males that talk/sing and just as may males as females that do not make many
sounds at all.  It truly depends on the bird and your interaction with your bird as to whether or not it will ever talk/sing.  
This also applies if you have read that males are friendlier than females.

The colors our parakeet pairs produce are of the normal-barred mutations and are either green, yellow and black or blue,
white and black.  Our pairs do produce other colors and/or mutations but not so often.

If you are looking to obtain a certain color and/or a certain sex, or possibly visiting to meet the babies, play with them and
take one home the same day, we might have some issues.  There is such a demand on our hand fed baby parakeets that
they are normally placed on hold within minutes of us updating the website on Sunday evenings.

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